Coming out of New Zealand a Fish Tales product, Fins is excited to announce WA exclusivity of this incredible product.

Deep in the Southern Alps of New Zealand lies Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park. From its craggy alpine ridges flows the purest fresh water on the planet. Ice cold. Constantly flowing. Perfectly chilled for a much prized southern delicacy.

The salmon is grown in optimal unstressed conditions with plenty of space, fast flowing currents to swim against an as little human intervention as possible

Over two million gallons of pure glacial water flows through the farm every minute!
It has the highest water flow of any farm in the world and leave no agricultural or environmental pollution

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon are fed a diet free of hormones and genetically modified materials for taste and texture, not for maximum weight gain

Harvested between a weight range of 3-3.2kgs the optimal time for sushi and sashimi

Culinary aspects

Sweet subtle flavour with a firm, muscular texture

Mt Cook “Saikou” Alpine Salmon has the lowest intramuscular fat of any salmon on the market and twise the amount of omega3 fatty acids

Pure and clean salmon flavour with no fish, fatty or feed after taste

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon are not treated with vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics at any stage of their life cycle. They are naturally healthy due to living in pristine, highly oxygenated water and getting plenty of exercise