A broad flaked, firm, sweet flesh, with a high fat content and fantastic performance in both sashimi and western cooking preparations; the Cobia being farmed by Pacific Reef in Far North Queensland is a superb, premium quality fish. Each Pacific Reef Cobia comes with an individually numbered gill tag providing full traceability.

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Cobia is a high yielding fish, the flesh can be sliced for raw preparations or cooked in steam, roasted, pan fried, wok fried or grilled. The flesh maintains moisture when cooked, making it a succulent, rich and tolerant fish in both restaurant and catering uses. Only Pacific Reef, North Queensland Cobia comes whole, the liver is a rare delicacy that should also be used.

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Located 20 kilometres from the town of Ayr in Far North Queensland, the waters of Alva Beach at the Pacific Reef farm are amongst the most pristine in the Coral Sea region, adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Using land based seawater ponds fed by a constant flow of pristine Coral Sea water, the growing conditions are ideal to produce this high quality fin fish.