Provenance Labelling at Fins Seafood


Recently, the duo behind Fins Seafood announced via Instagram new labelling across their seafood products. The small plastic label resides on fish and details the vessel and the fishing area.

Part-owner Phil Clark, said that provenance labelling was an opportunity to connect customers to the origin of the seafood they purchase, including the fisher.

“The aquaculture sector have been using gill tags to brand their products – so we thought why don’t we do this for our wild caught fish.”


Initially for the owners, it was about the promotion of the ‘Fins brand’ and getting loyalty to product that is sold by them.

“But we released that it was bigger than that, chefs responded to the traceability aspect of the tags and how confidently they could tell their staff where the fish had come from.”

“In all honestly we thought the vessel information was a sidenote to origin – but that information has been picked up the most by our customers,” he said.

The tags have become extremely successful, a way for the company to ensure compliance, due-diligence and to even tell the story behind their seafood.

“We now have chefs telling us how easy it is to tell their staff where the product comes from and educate customers of the origin on what they will be purchasing.”

“Wholesalers are also loving the branding because they can promote the story of our seafood. It is now not just red-throat emperor, BUT Fins red-throat emperor caught in the Abrolhos Island by F.V. Bowithick.”

Within a week of implementing tags, Phil said they had caught someone out with incorrect seafood labelling.

“A top seafood chef in Australia had posted on Instagram about having Abrolhos Island dhufish in store.”

“I rang wholesalers to find out who he had bought it off – but no one had sold it to him – so I reached out to him and asked how he obtained the species.”

Phil said instantaneously he wrote back and apologised – saying that the Dhufish was actually from Lancelin.

“With the implementation of tags – we have protection of Abrolhos branding. As all the chefs will know – if it doesn’t have a tag, it’s not from the Abrolhos,” he said.

Concluding, Phil said that advancing the business, doesn’t just happen without great partners.

“Ben Pethick, skipper of F.V. Bowithick, is a fantastic help, along for the journey and absolutely loves what we are doing with the fish.”

“At Fins, our seafood promotion is important. We want to be recognised for great quality seafood and seafood labelling allows us to quality control our seafood – including how it is branded by chefs and wholesalers.”

“Watch this space as we will be looking to expand our fresh fish offering and get more fisherman on board to get part of the program.”

Fins will be hosting a mini-trade event, called Outback, showcasing WA and New Zealand’s best products on November 12th. For more information contact the team via PHIL@FINSSEAFOOD.COM.AU 

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Mt Cook Alpine Salmon


Coming out of New Zealand a Fish Tales product, Fins is excited to announce WA exclusivity of this incredible product.

Deep in the Southern Alps of New Zealand lies Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park. From its craggy alpine ridges flows the purest fresh water on the planet. Ice cold. Constantly flowing. Perfectly chilled for a much prized southern delicacy.

The salmon is grown in optimal unstressed conditions with plenty of space, fast flowing currents to swim against an as little human intervention as possible

Over two million gallons of pure glacial water flows through the farm every minute!
It has the highest water flow of any farm in the world and leave no agricultural or environmental pollution

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon are fed a diet free of hormones and genetically modified materials for taste and texture, not for maximum weight gain

Harvested between a weight range of 3-3.2kgs the optimal time for sushi and sashimi

Culinary aspects

Sweet subtle flavour with a firm, muscular texture

Mt Cook “Saikou” Alpine Salmon has the lowest intramuscular fat of any salmon on the market and twise the amount of omega3 fatty acids

Pure and clean salmon flavour with no fish, fatty or feed after taste

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon are not treated with vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics at any stage of their life cycle. They are naturally healthy due to living in pristine, highly oxygenated water and getting plenty of exercise

F.V Merlin - Meet the fishermen

Young up and coming fisherman out of Kalbarri. Hayden earned his stripes on the crayboats around the Abrolhos Islands.

Respectful of the ocean, Hayden represents the new-age fisherman and understands the responsibility he has on sustainability and fishing for the future

Hayden has been chasing the Spanish Mackerels succesfully for a couple of months but is now back in the wet line game.

Catches include: Dhufish, Redthroat Emperor, Spangled Emperor, Baldchin Groper, Breaksea Cod, Coral Trout, Pink Snapper, Wild Yellowtail Kingfish, Amberjack

How long does he fish for? 3 night fish

After catch care? Line-caught, Iki-Jime (brain spike), salt water ice slurry

F.V Bowithick - Meet the fishermen

F.V Bowithick - Meet the fishermen

Father son team that fish out of Geraldton.

Usually catch Dhufish, Baldchin, Redthroat Emperor, Pink Snapper, Spangled Emperor, Sweetlip Snapper, Chinaman Cod, Breaksea Cod and the rare Coral Trout

3 night fishes max

Line-caught, iki-jime (brain spiked)

Ice bath, fish are road-freighted to us when the boat lands.

Pacific Reef Cobia

Pacific Reef Cobia

Pacific Reef North Queensland Cobia - Rachycentron canadum

Cape Moreton Scarlet Prawn

Cape Moreton Scarlet Prawn

The SCARLET PRAWN (Aristaeopsis Edwardsiana) is one of the most coveted prawns worldwide.

No Grey Areas With Fins

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 12.34.51 pm.png

Thanks to WAFIC (West Australian Fishing Industry Council) for the publicity. WAFIC met with Fins a few weeks back to discuss the business, learning how John and Phil conceptualised Fins Seafood, their beliefs, the future of seafood in WA, and what the boys consider important. The importance Fins places on taking care of the product from ocean to plate is fundamental to the success of Fins, and what separates Fins from its competitors. 

Article available by clicking arrow near the title

Fins - Sunday Times, June 3 2018

Fins - Sunday Times, June 3 2018

Fins owners John and Phil are interviewed with octopus fishermen Peter Jasinki

The boys are met at the Fishing Boat Harbour with Octopus fisherman Peter Jasinki. 


Fins Tips - French Style Goolwa Pippies

Fins Tips - French Style Goolwa Pippies

Goolwa PipiCo - By Fins Seafood Perth. Western Australia